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Meet The Team

We Simply Love What We Do

We are an award-winning and licensed PMU artists, passionate about beauty, and dedicated to making our customers look great with our permanent makeup services.

Founder, Permanent Makeup Artist

Stephanie Sabba

Permanent Makeup Artist

Lindsay Rella

Hi! I’m Lindsay! I’ve been working for Beauty Mark’d Ink since 2020 after receiving my initial training at the prestigious Beau Institute of Permanent Cosmetics. When I originally started I stick to only powder brows but have recently fallen in love with microblading and the different stroke patterns for different face shapes. I love working in the permanent makeup field as not only a creative outlet for myself, but also to allow women and men to feel more confident and secure about themselves. I love working with clients to figure out the perfect size, shape and color of their procedure and watching our visions come to life. I try to bring humor into all situations and try to bring any sort of anxiety down to a minimum by explaining everything as we go. When I’m not at Beauty Mark’d Ink, I love spending time with my husband, son and pets. I look forward to meeting you!

Permanent Makeup Artist

Felicia Giordano

For the past 15 years, Felicia has been in the beauty and make-up industry. Some of her highlighted years were as an artist and manager for Mac Cosmetics where she worked side by side with major key artist, to working on celebrities, to training staff and being a team player in some of the busiest stores in New York City. She has always been in love with the real concept of highlighting and enhancing one’s individual unique beauty.

After finally leaving Mac, she sought a new found love in cosmetics which would fulfill her joy in giving back to others-permanent cosmetics! For the past 2 years, Felicia has enjoyed the beauty of permanent cosmetics as it is always evolving. She truly enjoys making sure people feel beautiful everyday!

“Eyes are the windows to the soul and the eyebrows are the windows frame.”

Stephanie SabbaFounder of Beauty Mark'd Ink

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